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Since 2019, Tacoma Cooperative Network has existed to end the digital divide and connect all residents of Tacoma with affordable, high-speed internet that they have a say in.

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Our Mission

Tacoma Cooperative Network was founded to create a network that gives the local community democratic access to the internet, with as little interference from corporate interests as possible, working toward a goal of complete independence from private influence.

Access to the internet is controlled 100% by corporations and we aim to change that for our region.

Our Purpose

The average user has no say on how fast their connection is, how much they have to pay, and how the company they purchase from is run. The prices for access have skyrocketed. Internet access is a vital tool in modern society, needed to pay bills, stay informed on news and events, to shop, gain employment, go to school and higher education, and stay in contact with friends local and long-distance.

We believe that the internet should be treated as a utility, and that utilities should be under direct democratic control from the people who use them. We aim to foster a sense of community strength and unity through this project. We want this to be the beginning of a Tacoma that is not reliant on corporate interests that it has no say over, to provide for our needs. We can control the cost; we can help our neighbors get connected.  When we organize together, we can make a better future, one step at a time.


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Our Story

Founded in 2019 as a 501c3 Non-Profit Cooperative, TCN

launched and maintained a pilot project in southern Hilltop. Since then, we have partnered with local organizations and residents to spread our coverage. At Tacoma Cooperative Network, we are focused on digital inclusion, education, and training. Our funding is 100% community owned and operated by a mix of member dues, donations, and grants. We are proud to be 100% net neutral and ensure that all traffic is encrypted.


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